dRio AKU Electric grinder for salt and pepper - stainless steel

dRio AKU Electric grinder for salt and pepper - stainless steel

d:Rio AKU Electric grinder for salt and pepper - stainless steel

Ceramic grinder and six levels of coarseness

Drio grinders are high-quality electric grinders for salt, pepper and other spices and have many advantages over conventional and manual grinders. The heart of the grinder itself is a high-quality ceramic grinder, which guarantees a long service life and perfect grinding of spices exactly to your taste. In contrast to ordinary grinders, you can set the coarseness of grinding with drio grinders from very fine to very coarse.


Even reliable grinding

A high-quality and reliable grinder, sufficient power and a very sensitive button will also guarantee you a precise gradual dosage of spices. You don't have to worry about over-salting as with low-quality electric grinders, which will often release a large amount of spices with one press without the possibility of any regulation. Drio grinders respond even to a light touch and dispense spices gradually, reliably and evenly.

Automatic LED light

Bright enough light is also important for a good overview of the amount of spices used, and drio grinders include their own light as well. The LED light on the bottom of the grinder is precisely positioned to illuminate the spiced food and works completely automatically together with press of the grinding button. The light and the crusher on the bottom of the grinder can also be protected by a practical cover when not in use.


Quality materials and stylish practical design


Drio grinders are made of high-quality materials with an emphasis on precision. The white and black grinders bodies are made out of durable hard plastic which is pleasant to the touch, while the stainless steel one is made of stylish brushed stainless steel. The grinders are ergonomic and very comfortable to use with one hand, which you will especially appreciate when cooking, and their modern design will be a great addition to any kitchen or dining room.


Integrated rechargeable battery

One of the main advantages over conventional electric grinders is also the integrated rechargeable Li-Ion battery with a large capacity for up to twenty minutes of continuous operation. Since each use takes only a few seconds, the grinder has a capacity for several hundred uses before it needs to be charged again. With normal use, it can last for more than a month on a single charge, and its operation is more carefree, cheaper and more environmentally friendly than the operation of AA battery grinders.


Quick and easy charging with USB-C connector

The grinder informs you about the low battery level advance, and when the time comes to charge it, it is no more complicated than charging a mobile phone. On the top of the grinder you will find a modern USB-C type connector into which you just need to plug the included cable and use any USB adapter. In addition with fast charging, the grinder will be fully charged and ready for further operation in just an hour.

Czech manualCzech d:Rio electric grinder manual (1.86MB) Download
English manualEnglish d:Rio electric grinder manual (1.75MB) Download

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    dRio AKU Electric grinder –  stainless steel

    • modern design
    • 6 degrees of crushing roughness
    • filling content ~28g
    • ceramic crusher closable with dust cap
    • LED lighting at the grinder outlet
    • operating time 20 minutes at full charge thanks to 500mAh Li-Ion battery
    • charging time 1 hour
    • battery power via USB-C cable (included)
    • transparent tank
    • for salt, pepper, and other spices or dried herbs
    • material: stainless steel
    • color: brushed metal
    • dimensions in the picture
    • weight: 260g
    • Czech and English manual in the download section
    • package contents: battery grinder, USB-C charging cable (adapter not included), cleaning brush, instructions
    • price per 1pc
  • Availability: 5 and more
  • Delivery Status: Depens on courier (Immediately at the store in Prague)
  • 33.3€
  • Ex Tax: 27.51€
Brand: dRio, Product Code: MS-049905, Warranty: 24 moths

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