dRio VOI 2 ionizer and shoe dryer

-34% dRio VOI 2 ionizer and shoe dryer

d:Rio VOI 2

Ionizer, dryer and odor remover for shoes and other sports equipment


Multi-purpose dryer and ionizer for everyone

Whether you play sports, ride a motorcycle, go on nature trips or just like your feet dry and warm, d: Rio VOI 2 can be an irreplaceable helper for you. With this modern device you can dry shoes, gloves, helmet and many other things. D: Rio VOI 2 also acts as an ionizer that can get rid of up to 99% of bacteria and unpleasant odors. Use of the device is very easy and offers automatic or manual settings.


Ionization - ozone disinfection

Ozone is a strong oxidant and has many industrial and consumer applications related to oxidation. Ozone disinfection is used to treat water instead of chlorine. It removes odors from the air and kills bacteria on surfaces. It is used in many sectors of food processing and industry from disinfection in hospitals, sports grounds and public spaces. Now with d:Rio VOI 2 you can indulge in this modern way of removing viruses and bacteria at home.



Quick drying

D:Rio VOI 2 manages to dry wet shoes, gloves, socks, bandages and other sports equipment in just a few minutes thanks to the temperature of up to 70 degrees. In addition, drying can be used to warm shoes and socks before a winter walk. Plus, you don't have to worry about being disturbed. The device is very quiet with a noise level of less than 35 dB.





Two pairs in pair

Unlike the first version d:Rio VOI 2 manages to dry or ionize up to two pairs of shoes, gloves or even a helmet together. The ingenious shape of the attachments can handle shoes of any size. D: Rio VOI 2 will thus become an invaluable helper both at home and, for example, on a trip to the mountains.


Many uses

The package also includes an easily replaceable flat attachment, which is most appreciated especially by bikers, hockey players, cyclists, climbers and other sports fans, whose integral part is to wear a helmet. Replacing the flat attachment takes a few seconds and you can still dry or ionize one pair of shoes or gloves.

In addition, you can use d:Rio VOI 2 to ionize - disinfect small spaces, such as wardrobes, to remove bacteria and odors.





Package contents:


1x basic unit
2x adapter
2x shoe holder (air duct)
1x helmet holder
1x  manual



 The package includes shoe holders and a helmet holder. CAUTION - the helmet will not fit on the shoe holders!


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    d: Rio VOI 2 ionizer, dryer and odor remover and other equipment

    • disinfects by ionization - removes up to 99% of bacteria
    • dries - drying temperature up to 70 ° C
    • gets rid of unpleasant odors
    • quick effect - just a few minutes
    • automatic shutdown
    • easy operation
    • you can choose both automatic and manual control
    • suitable for drying and disinfecting shoes, gloves, socks, bandages, helmets and other sports equipment
    • package contents: body of the device, 2x attachment for shoes and gloves, 1x attachment for helmet or other accessories, Czech manual
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Brand: M-Style, Product Code: MS-193745, Warranty: 24 moths

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