dRio VOI dryer and shoe disinfection

-26% dRio VOI dryer and shoe disinfection

d:Rio VOI

Dryer for shoes and other sports equipment


With this appliance you can forget about drying shoes, socks and gloves on the radiator.
It will also help you in the daily fight with the unpleasant odor of shoes.
d:Rio VOI sterilizes with ozone disinfection, which removes up to 99% of the bacteria,
leaving your shoes without unpleasant odor.




 Sterilization and deodorization

Destroys bacteria and mold that cause odor and foot mold.

Effective drying

shoes, gloves, helmets, socks, etc., which greatly contributes to your health and comfort.

Drying temperature

reaches 70 °C, making it suitable for drying even in very cold conditions.

Easily adjustable

Adjustable for different materials. The device is very stable (doesn't topple over).
It produces a safe amount of ozone to provide a sterilizing effect.
Ozone eliminates odor in shoes.

Automatic start / stop

includes optional fully manual start / stop control.

Safety thermal fuse

prevents overheating.

Very quiet operation

<35 dB noise level.


Perfect to dry and sterilize:


Sports footwear, gloves, socks, etc.

Motorcycle riding gear including helmets and leather boots and gloves.


Ionizer disinfection is often used in hospitals as it reliably destroyes majority of viruses, mold and bacteria.
Improve your safety by keeping not only your shoewear but also your cloth masks, bandanas or gloves clean.



The drying temperature can be set up to 70 °C.
For example, when on a skiing trip you can slip into pleasantly warm ski boots.


You can select either the drying or disinfection mode.
Just set the time to 0 minutes or drying temperature to 0°C.



Package contents:


1x basic unit
2x adapter
2x shoe holder
2x helmet holder
1x user manual


 Package includes shoe holders and helmet holders.. WARNING - the helmet will not fit on the shoe holders!



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    d:Rio VOI dryer and shoe disinfection  

    • dries – drying temperature up to 70°C
    • removes unpleasant odor
    • desinfects – removes up to 99% of bacteria
    • quick effect – just a few minutes
    • automatic shutdown
    • you can choose manual or automatic control
    • suitable for drying and desinfecting footwear, gloves, socks, helmets and other sports equipment
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