Hit-Air MLV 2 airbag vest limited edition black/yellow

Hit-Air MLV 2 airbag vest limited edition black/yellow

Hit-Air MLV 2



Not just another airbag

The MLV 2 airbag vest has been perfected for many years of development and improvement. Its design is designed to provide the best protection exactly where it is needed, so it has an extra enlarged collar for fixing the helmet when falling, enlarged side airbags, a large back airbag reinforced with a fixed spine protector and a completely unique folding airbag to protect the hips, coccyx and pelvis.

However, improved safety is not at the cost of comfort, on the contrary, the MLV 2 vest is designed not to restrict movement in any way, it is light, comfortable and, thanks to the size setting, it sits directly on the body.

Hit-Air vests are made directly in Japan from the best materials and with a typically Japanese emphasis on care and quality control.

With the MLV 2 vest, you can buy chest and side protectors, which will further increase the level of your protection in the event of a fall or contact with parts of the motorcycle such as the handlebars, tank, etc.


Modern materials and low weight

The vest is made of Polyester 600D, nylon straps and polyester mesh. LUMIDEX material is used for reflective versions. The airbag is made of polyurethane. The space behind the activation mechanism is reinforced with visco elastane. The weight of the vest is 270g, depending on the size of 1400 - 1600g CO2 cartridge.


6 Frequently asked questions from our customers

1. Why does Hit-Air manufacture mechanical airbags, even if there already are electronic airbags?


Hit-Air airbags are designed primarily for operation where it is important that the airbag is always reliably activated, even if there is a situation that the electronics can not reliably evaluate. The mechanical system of the cable secured to the motorcycle is not only proven, but still has many advantages over electronics: it does not require charging, maintenance, unlike electronic vests it can be reactivated and reused at any time by simply replacing the CO2 cartridge and you will definitely not want any additional fees.




2. How does it work? Does it work on every motorcycle? What about scooters?


The Hit-Air MLV2 vest is a mechanical "ripper". The cable is ideal to place on the frame under the saddle, but there are several "where to go" options and so far no one has brought us a motorcycle or scooter on which we would not be able to install the cable in a few minutes. Everyone can really do it.


3. Do I accidentally fire the airbag if I forget to unclip the cable?


The drop-off mechanism is set to activate by the kinetic force that occurs during a fall and is activated by a sharp jerk not a pull. When you start to leave the motorcycle, the cable reminds itself by pulling on the vest without activating the airbag. Even the most forgetful of us have not yet been able to fire by mistake.

4. Will the airbag activate even if I fall at low speed?


Yes. Even when falling at a slow speed, the airbag will activate in the vast majority of cases. Thanks to your weight, the force to inflate the airbag of the vest is sufficient.This is one of the advantages over electronic systems, which often require a certain minimum speed, such as 30 km / h, to detect a collision and activate it. Many of you will confirm to us that it is possible to fall off a motorcycle and make unpleasant and painful bruises even at a lower speed, especially in city traffic.




5. What if my vest activates somewhere far away on the go?


All you have to do is pack an Allen key and a spare CO2 cartridge, the activated vest will blow itself out within two minutes, then all you have to do is fold it and blow out the excess air, reactivate the trigger mechanism with the Allen key and screw in a new CO2 cartridge. Anywhere, anytime, in minutes and you can go on.

6. Which size?


All vests are in sizes M and L and some also in a reduced size S. Size S is really tiny and is especially suitable for children and adolescents and really small girls. Size M corresponds to the ready-made range S - XL and size L corresponds to the range XL - 3XL and can be further increased by using extension tapes. The adjustable strap and ingenious cut mean that not only does each size have a really large range, but also that you don't have to worry that your vest will no longer be when you gain or lose a kilo.



Attachment to the motorcycle


The lowering mechanism of the vest on the chest is connected to the motorcycle by a flexible carbon-Kevlar cable, allowing the rider unrestricted movement while riding and getting on and off the motorcycle. The cable is attached to the frame of the motorcycle under the seat, the procedure for the passenger is the same as for the driver - only with the difference of attachment under the seat in the passenger seat.


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    Motorcycle airbag vest Hit-Air MLV 2 / limited edition black/yellow

    • unique limited Racevest edition
    • latest CE certification EN1621 - 4
    • Japanese production and quality guaranteed by Hit-Air
    • integrated rigid spine protector
    • full inflation in 77 - 92 ms
    • unique ejection lumbar part of the airbag
    • the lumbar airbag does not restrict driving
    • maximum protection of the hips, collarbones, pelvis and coccyx
    • unrivaled large collar protecting the neck, nape
    • suitable for use with textile and leather motorcycle jackets and overalls, including those with a hump
    • thanks to the cut, you don't even know that you are wearing it even at higher speeds
    • light developed for everyday riding on and off the road
    • it will get you - more feeling safe, more concentration on the ride
    • available in 2 sizes: Medium (S-XL) Large (XL-3XL)
    • thanks to the internal drawstrings, it adapts to your figure
    • in case of oversize we have expansion accessories for you
    • reusable after activation - you pack the vest and simply replace the cartridge
    • mechanical cable activation, reliable, no need to recharge
    • package contents: MLV2 vest, cable, CO2 cartridge
    • FOR MORE INFO CALL: 722 674 675 (RaceVest), or contact us at: info@racevest.cz
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  • 562.10 €
  • Ex Tax: 464.53 €
Brand: Hit-Air, Product Code: RV-MLV2LIMITRVBY, Warranty: 36 months

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