M-Style C18 motorcycle wheel chock

M-Style C18 motorcycle wheel chock

M-Style C18 motorcycle wheel chock


Fully adjustable for 12-21” wheels
The C18 wheel chock is fully adjustable and you can use it to transport or park most motorcycles and scooters. Accommodates wheels with a diameter of 12-21 inches and a width of 100-130 millimeters. This makes it suitable for transporting or parking small scooters as well as large touring enduros.


Safety pin

Thanks to the safety pin, you don't have to worry that the cradle securing the motorcycle wheel could come loose during transport or parking. By simply inserting a pin, you can quickly and easily lock it and thus secure the motorcycle against unintentional roll from the stand.


Rubber adapters

Ingenious rubber pads and adapters not only ensure the stability of the stand on smooth surfaces, but also protect the floor of your van or garage from scratches. In addition, they are made of solid durable rubber and you don't have to worry about them falling out and getting lost during storage and transportation of the stand.


Easy fixation of the stand and the motorcycle


Four 10 millimeter holes are used to anchor the wheel chock to the floor of a van, trailer or garage. Anchoring the stand not only guarantees the perfect stability and safety of your motorcycle during transport, but also allows you to use a pair of loops with an internal dimension of 17 x 25 millimeters for stretching the transport straps and fixing the motorcycle directly to the stand. To use them, however, a firm anchoring of the stand is necessary, with an unanchored stand, always fix the motorcycle to the designated points inside the vehicle.


Reinforced build

The C18 wheel chock is very robust and is made of high-quality solid steel, its main structure consists of massive 30 mm profiles, thanks to which it offers perfect stability and a long service life. Of course, there is also a very durable surface finish in matte black. The stand is delivered disassembled, but thanks to the enclosed detailed manual, anyone can easily assemble it in a few minutes.

 Smart design

Unlike many other wheel chocks, the C18 is designed to be not only simple, but also strong and stable, and also solves the most common problems of common wheel chocks, such as the protruding front top, which then usually damages the wall of the van or garage due to collisions when using the rack. With the C18 wheel chock, the front legs are long enough to fit securely against the wall with protective rubber adapters, while the front top of the chock does not touch the wall at all.

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Wheel Chock C18 CZ (2.25MB) Download
Wheel Chock C18 EN (2.25MB) Download
Wheel Chock C18 DE (13.91MB) Download

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    M-Style C18 motorcycle wheel chock

    • motorcycle stand designed for the safe transport or parking of your motorcycle
    • adjustable for wheel size 12-21” in diameter with a width of 100-130 mm
    • safety pin to prevent accidental release
    • rubber adapters and floor scratch pads
    • 10 mm holes for anchoring to the floor
    • two loops for transport straps to secure the motorcycle (anchored wheel chock only)
    • stable reinforced robust construction from massive 30 mm profiles
    • the front top of the rack doesn’t protrude further than front legs to prevent damage to the car/garage wall
    • quality durable finish
    • material: steel, rubber
    • color: matte black
    • package contents: 1pc transport stand C18 (disassembled)
    • English manual in the download tab
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  • 62.1 €
  • Ex Tax: 51.31 €
Brand: M-Style, Product Code: MS-050147, Warranty: 24 moths

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