M-Style Cruiser mechanical cruise control with bar end weight

M-Style Cruiser mechanical cruise control with bar end weight
Not every motorcycle is factory equipped with cruise control. However, this disadvantage can be easily remedied by adding a mechanical CNC cruise control, which replaces ordinary weights at the end of the handlebars. Using the cruise control is simple and intuitive - you set the speed by turning the locking ring towards you, just like when you apply gas. The degree of tightening of the ring depends only on you, with a slight tightening you can only reduce the force with which the throttle returns to the starting position and thus relieve your wrist on long trips, while a stronger tightening already works like a classic cruise control. If you want to quickly reduce speed if necessary, you can completely release the handle again by turning it away from you with the same movement as when closing the throttle. Using the cruise control will thus easily become a completely intuitive matter.
The ring has prominent rough cutouts on it and is easy to handle even with gloves. Installing cruise control is no more complicated than replacing handlebar weights. Almost everyone can easily handle it. Mutual compatibility is with most standard grips, which then ensure the choice of three demarcation rings of different thicknesses. If you already use our CNC lever protectors or cafe racer mirrors, you don't have to forgive the cruise control, because it is compatible with most of them

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    M-Style Round universal handlebar end weights for motorcycle

    • bar end weights with added function as mechanical cruise control
    • turning the control ring towards the driver locks the throttle
    • turning the control right away from the driver releases the throttle
    • higher weight reduces handlebar vibrations
    • compatible with other M-Style accessories
    • made of high-quality material – an alloy 6061 T6
    • stylish and decent design to fit any motorcycle
    • high-quality processing and durable elox colour
    • dimensions are seen in the picture
    • for handlebars with an inside hole of 13 – 18mm
    • not compatible with 25 mm (1”) handlebars
    • weight: 144g/1pc.
    • the price is for 1 pair
  • Availability: 5 and more
  • Delivery Status: Depens on courier (Immediately at the store in Prague)
  • 28.70 €
  • Ex Tax: 23.73 €
Brand: M-Style, Product Code: MS-044542, Warranty: 24 moths

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