M-Style D20 folding front head lift paddock stand

M-Style D20 folding front head lift paddock stand

M-Style D20 folding head lift paddock stand


Unique folding folding system

The new D20 paddock stand is unique product of our own design to deliver perfect performance and convenient ability to be quickly and easily folded for better storage and tansportation. This is thanks to the massive hand screw which firmly locks the arms of the paddock stand while being  convenient to operate. To assemble or disassemble the paddock stand for use or storage, all you have to do is loosen the screw and pull it out.


Versatile, height-adjustable and easily disassembled

The D20 front head lift paddock stand is suitable for most motorcycles with a hole in the underside of the steering neck. The steering neck stand, unlike the standard front stand, allows better access to the front wheel and is suitable, for example, for repairs, service and maintenance of brakes. The stand is height-adjustable and height adjustment is a matter of a few seconds. The stand can also be disassembled into three parts by removing the head lift attachment and then disassembling the stand body, which is convenient for long-term storage or transport.

Durable construction with a load capacity of up to 200 kg

The materials of the stand are a combination of a solid aluminum alloy and high grade steel and top machining processes had been used to assure its highest quality and durability. Its load capacity is up to 200 kg on one side of the motorcycle. It should be noted that the stand supports only one wheel and therefore holds only half the weight of the entire motorcycle and can be used with motorcycles weighing up to 400 kg.


5 adapters with O-ring


The package includes 5 adapters in a choice of sizes for most motorcycles and other adapters in less common diameters can be purchased separately. To verify the compatibility of the supplied adapters, we recommend that you measure the internal dimension of the hole from the underside of the steering neck into which the adapter slides. The package includes adapters in diameter of 13, 15, 16.5, 17 and 18 millimeters. The adapters are also equipped with a rubber O-ring which prevents the adapters from falling out when handling the stand.


Universal front and rear stand

The head lift paddock stand stand consists of two parts, the D20 body which can be used as a front or rear stand and a steering neck extension. It can be easily removed which will allow you after purchase of rear adapters to use the D20 body as rear paddon stand.

Large vinyl wheels

Many of us had a bad experience with a rickety and cheap stand son small plastic wheels. Model D20 has quality wheels with encapsulated bearings for extra stability and long life and a vinyl tire to prevent slipping on a smooth surface.

File Description Size Link
D20 Manual CZ czech manual (1.33MB) Download
D20 Manual EN english manual (1.37MB) Download
D20 Manual DE German instructions (414.2KB) Download
CZ Manual head lift extension czech manual (1.85MB) Download
EN Manual head lift extension english manual (1.78MB) Download
DE Manual head lift extension German instructions (518.5KB) Download
List of motorbikes and compatible adapters (481.38KB) Download

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    M-Style D20 folding front head lift paddock stand

    • in set: 5 steering neck adapters (13mm, 15mm, 16.5mm, 17mm, 18mm)
    • to determine compatibility, measure the diameter of the hole in the steering neck
    • height adjustable
    • completely unique folding stand
    • can be easily and quickly folded, used and folded again for easy storage and transport
    • easy-to-operate locking screw
    • the steering neck attachment can be easily removed
    • can also be used as a rear stand after purchasing additional adapters
    • quality workmanship, stable construction
    • load capacity 200kg on one side of the motorcycle
    • adapter holder with locking screw
    • quality and hard durable varnish
    • double vinyl wheels with bearings
    • service pin insert (pin not included, can be purchased separately)
    • can be disassembled for transport and storage
    • weight: 8 kg
    • package contents: paddock stand, set of head lift adapters
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  • 103.70 €
  • Ex Tax: 85.74 €
Brand: M-Style, Product Code: MS-047765, Warranty: 24 moths

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