M-Style D20U foldable movable universal rear paddock stand

M-Style D20U foldable movable universal rear paddock stand

M-Style D20U foldable movable universal rear paddock stand


Unique folding folding system

The new D20U paddock stand is unique product of our own design to deliver perfect performance and convenient ability to be quickly and easily folded for better storage and tansportation. This is thanks to the massive hand screw which firmly locks the arms of the paddock stand while being  convenient to operate. To assemble or disassemble the paddock stand for use or storage, all you have to do is loosen the screw and pull it out.

Four high-quality full swivel wheels


One of the main advantages of the D20U paddock stand is its full mobility in all directions. It allows incredibly easy handling of the motorcycle, even in a small space. It is thus ideal for maintenance as it allows you to turn the motorcycle as needed during work or, for example, to easily store it even in small garages with limited space especially if a car or another motorcycle is already parked there. With the d20u paddock stand sliding the motorcycle effortlessly in a narrow space will no longer be a problem.

You don't have to worry that the stand will move where it shouldn't either. Both rear wheels are equipped with a highly efficient and very comfortable to operate foot brake. While you can easily turn the stand with the motorcycle with one hand while the wheels are unlocked, once the brake is activated it's nearly impossible to move. And despite the wheels, the D20U paddock stand offers exceptional stability to the motorcycle as it can be moved without any danger of toppling over.

The D20U stand requires a flat surface to function properly like a smooth concrete floor of garages, workshops, and warehouses.

Durable construction with a load capacity of up to 200 kg

The materials of the stand are a combination of a solid aluminum alloy and high grade steel and top machining processes had been used to assure its highest quality and durability. Its load capacity is up to 200 kg on one side of the motorcycle. It should be noted that the stand supports only one wheel and therefore holds only half the weight of the entire motorcycle and can be used with motorcycles weighing up to 400 kg.


Large selection of front and rear adapters


The D20U folding stand is suitable for most motorcycles. To adjust the width of the stand, the adapters can be positioned to the sides, and even if this is not enough for unusually narrow or wide motorcycles, the stand itself can be compressed or stretched by up to another 5 centimeters with your hands without any permanent damage. Which adapter to choose for your machine?

Pins - for motorcycles that have a hole from the bottom of the forks
Single - for motorcycles with radial brakes
Forks - For motorcycles with axial or radial brakes

Hooks - for motorcycles with rollers
Paddles - for motorcycles that do not have rollers for lifting directly behind the swinging fork

2in1 - can be used as a hook or as a front single


Universal front and rear stand

Surely you have noticed that in the shop you will find the front and rear stand D20U. The difference is only the included adapter. The body of the stand itself is universal, so if you buy, for example, a front stand with pins, then in order to be able to use it as a rear stand, all you have to do is buy suitable rear adapters and then simply switch the adapters. 

Folded height of only 14 centimeters

Motorcycle stand is an indispensable tool needed for motorcycle maintenance and long-term parking. Thanks to its unique mechanism it can be folded compactly and easily stored, hung on the wall or transported in a car trunk.


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    M-Style D20U foldable movable universal rear paddock stand

    • completely unique folding stand
    • can be easily and quickly folded, used and folded again for easy storage and transport
    • mobile for effortless handling of the motorcycle even in a small space
    • highly efficient and comfortable to use foot brake on both rear wheels
    • easy-to-operate locking screw
    • despite the compactness, the load capacity of one stand is up to 200 kg on one side of the motorcycle
    • total load capacity up to a motorcycle weight of 400 kg
    • high quality steel, precise processing, strong tubular profile
    • comes with one type of adapter of your choice when purchased
    • compatible with all adapters, more can be purchased
    • when purchased with an adapter or in a version with a 2in1 adapter, it can be used as a front or rear
    • the width of the stand can be adjusted by squeezing / stretching with your hands
    • adapter locking screw to prevent movement of the adapter
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