M-Style MS10 universal handguards

-23% M-Style MS10 universal handguards

M-Style MS10 universal handguards


Universal for many types of motorcycles

The M-Style MS10 handguards are ingeniously designed to fit most motorcycles thanks to a unique mounting method. On the inside it’s a handlebar sleeve with a diameter of 22 and 28.6 millimeters made out of durable nylon, and on the outside it’s a handlebar mount on the same principle as our handlebar weights.  The universal set is compatible with handlebars with a minimum inner diameter of 12 mm. For original handlebars choose the product variant of the given manufacturer.



Variable adjustable mounting kit

Because of the cleverly designed mounting kit with a sleeve, the installation of handguards is easy. The three joints of the mount easily grip the handlebars wherever needed, regardless of their shape, and the mount can be rotated and guided either from the bottom or the top, which is especially useful for easily avoiding cabling and other possible accessories on the handlebars.


Compatible with other M-Style products


The MS10 handguards are compatible with a wide range of M-Style handlebar mounted products. You can easily install them even if you use any of the Cafe racer mirrors or our Mechanical cruise control. And the combination with extra heavy M-Style Lead weights is ideal for long, significantly curved handlebars with a tendency to vibrate. If you are not sure whether the protectors are compatible with M-Style accessories you are currently using or planning to purchase, do not hesitate to write or call us, we will be happy to advise you.




Sophisticated design for maximum hand protection


Handguards, blasters or basters are a very practical way to protect your hands from the wind and bad weather. Especially in colder weather everyone could easily appreciate them, as will surely be confirmed by anyone who has already experienced a ride with frozen fingers first-hand. The MS10 handguards are large enough and have an ideal shape, so they not only look good, but also very effectively protect against wind and rain. Another advantage is the protection from insects and pebbles, which can be dangerous, especially at higher speeds. Fans of off-road riding will also appreciate the protection of their hands from branches and bushes.

Flexible and strong body material


The lever protector has to withstand some impact and deformation, so cracking is one of the main disadvantages of cheap lever protectors. For the body of MS10 protectors we used extra durable and above all flexible plastic. The picture shows the handguard body, which we bent by 90 degrees. On release there was no damage and the protector immediately straightened back to its original position without signs of deformation. We also chose the best for the materials for the other parts. The mounting kit around the handlebar is made of milled nylon which excels in its toughness and the handlebar end kit is made of a light and strong aluminum alloy.




Additional optional extension


The package also includes a practical extension of the handguards which further improves their protective properties. No tools are required for installation, as the included pins are used. The short pins are plugs for use without the extension, while the long pins serve to afix the extension to the body of the handguard. Installing or uninstalling the extension is a matter of a few seconds and will allow you to choose which style best suits your motorcycle.


Universal handlebar mount

This set of MS10 handguards is universal and can be used with any handlebars with inner diameter of 13 to 18 milimeters. Installation is very easy. Put either one or both expanding adapters (depending on the handlebar diameter) onto the screw and then attach the conical nut and lightly tighten it by hand. Once assembled insert into the handlebars and then tighten the screw using allen key. Correctly installed handguards should hold firmly without any movement.


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    M-Style MS10 universal handguards

    • universal for almost all types of motorcycles
    • easy installation with variably adjustable mounting kit
    • the mounting bracket has several positions and can be guided up and down around the cabling
    • the sleeve is designed for handlebars with a diameter of 22m and 28.6mm
    • for handlebars with an internal diameter 13-18mm
    • optional additional extender with short and long plastic pins, short pins are used without the extender, long pins are used to install the exteder
    • sophisticated design for maximum protection of hands from wind, rain, stones, branches, etc.
    • compatible with M-Style products: cafe racer mirrors, mechanical cruise control, lead weights and more
    • the body of the protectors is made of flexible plastic, it does not crack when deformed, it returns to its original shape
    • handlebar sleeve made of durable nylon
    • handlebar mount made of aluminum
    • dimensions: see picture
    • package contains: 2x body protectors, 2x mounting with sleeve, 2x mounting in handlebar, 2x plexiglass increase, 4x short pin, 4x long pin
    • the price is for 1 pair
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