M-Style NEO metal phone holder with 15W wireless charging

M-Style NEO metal phone holder with 15W wireless charging

M-Style NEO
metal phone holder with 15W wireless charging



The last mobile phone holder you'll ever need.

The M-Style NEO mobile phone holder is the most modern mobile phone holder you can find on the market, it is a holder that has everything you need and will last a long time, so it can easily become the last holder you will ever buy. It is made with absolute precision from a massive durable aluminum alloy and the best materials. Thanks to the stylish, well-thought-out design, it will definitely not get in your way whether you place it on the handlebars or under the mirror and adjust it as you need for almost any type of mobile phone. And it has all the functionss you can think of from 15W wireless charging, the possibility of locking for off-road driving, the guaranteed fastest insertion and removal of the phone with one hand, to the integrated anti-shock adapter.



The fastest 15W charging with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0

The M-Style NEO mobile  phone holder uses the latest Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology. This makes it work with all mobile phones that support the fastest Qi 15W charging, as well as older phones with support of Qi 10W, 7.5W and 5W technology. In the manual for your phone, you will find all the necessary information about which charging technology its compatible with.

At full power, the M-Style NEO can charge a phone with a normal battery capacity in just 35 minutes up to 80% battery capacity, and you'll never have to worry that your phone might die leaving you stranded without a navigation. Just turn on charging by pressing the button in the middle of the holder and insert your phone, charging your mobile phone on the go has never been easier.


Adapts to any common sized mobile phone


All mobile phones with a diagonal of 4.7 - 7.2 inches ( 120 - 183 millimeters ) and a maximum thickness of up to 20 millimeters can be easily inserted into the NEO phone holder. Just use the screws on the back of the holder to set the clamps to the size of your phone once and you're good to go. In addition, unlike other holders of a similar type, NEO also allows the adjustment of the bottom clamps, so that the charging surface is always at a suitable distance even for large phones, and even large mobile phones can be easily inserted and removed. But NEO goes even further and the depth can also be adjusted for the top and bottom clamps, thanks to which you can also insert thick outdoor phones that most holders can't fit.

Now you can finally forget about screwing, clicking and other adjustments of unnecessarily complicated mechanisms of old types of holders every time you insert and remove your phone. Thanks to the one-time adjustment of the NEO mobile phone holder directly for your phone once set you can simply push the phone into place with just one hand.

Superior machining quality and the best materials

Not only the body of the holder, but also the mounting bracket and the sleeve are made of extra durable aluminum alloy 6061-T6 which is used to manufacture parts with highest durability and lowest weight and had found many uses in automobile industry and aviation. A safe and at the same time gentle grip of the mobile phone is ensured by silicone inserts which prevent the mobile phone from slipping or getting scratched. Included in the package is a set of replacement black silicone inserts. These can easily replace the already installed red inserts for a more discreet look of the mount, which will match any motorcycle. The joints of the assembly and the tightening screw are made of composite plastic PA66+GF30 which is reinforced with carbon fibers for maximum mechanical wear resistance.

Of course, it is also waterproof - thanks to the IP 66 rating, you definitely don't have to worry about dust or rain.


Integrated massive anti-shock adapter

It's known that cameras of expensive mobile phones can be quite susceptible to exposure to vibrations, and in general, any vibrations or shocks can damage expensive electronics, especially over long period of time. With modern phone holders, we already have a solution in the form of an anti-shock adapter, which noticeably dampens any unwanted vibrations. And since we wanted to equip the NEO holder with the best, the anti-shock adapter is already integrated directly into the body of the holder.

In addition, the design of the anti-shock adapter somehow does not limit the possibilities of adjusting position of the mobile phone holder as it still can do full 360 degree rotation and a be set in huge range of positions, tilt and turn.

Lock for going offroad and lock to prevent theft


The NEO holder can firmly and securely hold the phone without the need for any additional fixation and you really don't have to worry about it falling out during normal riding. However, if you are going off-road and expect a lot of swings, jumps and sometimes even falls, and you want to be absolutely sure that your phone will stay where it is supposed to, there is nothing easier than to completely lock the phone isnide the holder with a screw on the back of the holder body.

The second lock can be found on the side of the mount, instead of a classic hand screw it includes locking screw which is locked and locked using included key, which you can hang, for example, on your keys. Not only can you easily use it to really tighten the mounting bracket, which again comes in handy for example in rough terrain, but at the same time it prevents the whole phone holder from being easily removed from a parked motorcycle and stolen.


Easy installation with lots of options

Connecting mobile phone holder with wireless charging to the motorcycle has never been easier, as you will find two cables in the package. A meter-long USB cable, thanks to which, if you have a free USB port on your motorcycle allows you to connect the holder quickly and easily. Ideal if you have a newer motorcycle with an integrated USB port or you already have a USB charger installed. But evem if you don't have a USB on the motorcycle at hand, there's no need to worry. We've also included classic  160 centimeters long cable you can use to connect directly to the battery.

Do you prefer an atypical installation method or do you already have one of our older mounts installed? Although NEO has everything you need included, it is also fully compatible with the M-Style Ball system and its huge selection of other attachments.

File Description Size Link
Czech manual Phone holder NEO Manual CZ (4.83MB) Download
English manual Phone holder NEO Manual EN (5.89MB) Download
German manual Phone holder NEO Manual DE (1.14MB) Download

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    M-Style NEO metal phone holder with 15W wireless charging

    • fast 15W wireless charging Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0
    •  compatible with phones supporting Qi wireless charging 15W / 10W / 7.5W / 5W
    • firm grip on the phone and quick one-handed insertion and removal
    • for phonee sizes 4.7 - 7.2 inches (120 - 183 mm diagonal) and a thickness of up to 20 mm
    • anti-shock adapter which absorbs most vibrations and shocks
    • solid all-metal body with anti-scratch silicone inserts
    • mounting on a bar, handlebar or frame with a diameter of 12-32 mm or under the mirror
    • additional installation options thanks to compatibility with the M-Style Ball system of mounts and attachments
    • 360 degree rotation, setting the position, rotation and tilt of the phone up, down and sideways
    • safety screw to lock the phone holder closed
    • safety lock on side of the mounting mechanism
    • only for batteries 12-24V
    • suitable for motorbikes, scooters, quad bikes, electric bikes, electric vehicles, etc.
    • material: aluminum alloy 6061-T6, PA66+GF30, silicone
    • package contents: body of the NEO holder, mount, sleeve, reduction insert 3x, adhesive pad, mirror adapter, black set of silicone inserts, key to the mount lock, USB cable 1m, battery cable 1.6m, tightening tape 2x
    • download instructions in the tab: TO DOWNLOAD
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