M-Style RCX moto backpack

-46% M-Style RCX moto backpack

M-Style RCX moto backpack

Modern shell motorcycle backpack

The RCX backpack was made specifically for bikers, and every detail is adapted to it. The backpack has a volume of 24 liters and its body is made of a modern EVA plastic shell, which is flexible and resistant to cracking. The shell gives a firm shape to the backpack, which is aerodynamically designed for minimal air resistance when riding. So the backpack will not limit you during a faster ride. The inner part is made of high-quality, strong ripstop nylon, and together with the shell body, it is very light and yet durable with its 700 grams.


Driving comfort

You will definitely appreciate the maximum comfort during your daily commute as well as during long journeys. We designed the RCX backpack to fit you like a glove. The inner side of the backpack fits on your back and the spine protector won't get in the way either - whether you prefer it on its own or inserted into a jacket or overalls. Even more important are the backpack straps themselves, which are padded and wide. It goes without saying that the length can be smoothly adjusted. You can easily adjust the strap as you need. It is a total length of 90 cm, which will fit any individual.

Fully adjustable


One of the other important features of our backpack is that it holds securely on the back even when driving at higher speeds or when leaning. This is best taken care of by a pair of complementary straps, which are also fully removable. You can choose to use only one of them or remove them entirely. The chest strap prevents the straps from slipping off the shoulders and is adjustable to a length of up to 25 centimeters. The size of the waist strap is up to 145 cm, which ensures that it fits everyone and provides the necessary fixation of the backpack to the body.




For any weather


Shell backpacks also have the advantage of being resistant to the vagaries of the weather. The shell is completely impermeable and the thick nylon fabric on the inside of the backpack does not get wet. Thanks to the design of the backpack itself, the fabric is largely covered during wear. Even so, we decided to go a step further and equip the RCX backpack with high-quality zippers with a waterproof membrane. We also supplemented it with a small but very important accessory for bikers in the form of grips with a roughened surface for easy handling in gloves.

Stylish design and reflective elements


The RCX backpack is not only practical, but also looks good. It combines the sporty aerodynamic shape of the shell itself with the texture of carbon fiber imitation. The discreet design in black goes well with everything. The M-Style logo is made of reflective material that will fulfill a safety function in the dark.




Practical interior equipment


On the inside, there is a large padded pocket with a width of 26 centimeters, in which you can safely store your phone, tablet or even a laptop. For the organization of smaller contents, two elastic mesh pockets with a width of 10 centimeters will serve. We also find a carabiner for keys here, which will make it easier for you to find them.


Fits every back

The inner side of the backpack easily adapts not only to the shape of your back, but also to a combination with a hump or a camelbag for long trips. The backpack can also be worn with an airbag vest, just remember to loosen the straps a bit more so that the airbag has enough room to inflate if necessary.


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    M-Style RCX moto backpack

    • construction consisting of a strong flexible and light shell
    • aerodynamic design to reduce wind resistance
    • waterproof including zippers with a waterproof membrane
    • the inner part of the backpack is made of strong ripstop nylon
    • light and comfortable, weighing only 700 grams
    • adjustable and padded shoulder straps up to 90 cm long
    • removable chest strap adjustable up to a length of 25 cm
    • removable waist strap adjustable up to a circumference of 145 cm
    • adapts to the back, overalls with a hump, airbag vests, etc.
    • shell with imitation carbon texture and reflective logo
    • inner padded pocket for a laptop, etc., 26 cm wide
    • carabiner for keys and a pair of mesh pockets with a width of 10 cm
    • extended zipper handles for easy handling with gloves
    • protection against pickpockets – the backpack cannot be opened from the outside
    • volume: 24 liters
    • material: polyester, EVA plastic
    • dimensions: height 50 cm, width 37 cm, depth 14 cm
    • black colour
    • price for 1 piece
  • Availability: 5 and more
  • Delivery Status: Depens on courier (Immediately at the store in Prague)
  • 57.90 €
  • 31.20 €
  • Ex Tax: 25.79 €
Brand: M-Style, Product Code: MS-062621, Warranty: 24 moths

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