M-Style Supreme mikrovláknová utěrka 800GMS 40*30cm

-62% M-Style Supreme mikrovláknová utěrka 800GMS 40*30cm

M-Style Supreme microfiber towel 800GMS


Made of quality material

Although it may not seem like it, it is very important what material the towel is made of. Our towels are made of modern synthetic microfibers (80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide). Thanks to these materials, the towel guarantees the softness of the fibers themselves. When used, it is gentle even on the most delicate varnish.


Very absorbent cloth with a fiber density of 800GMS


The abbreviation GMS indicates how many grams of fiber are used per square meter (g/m2). Thanks to the high fiber density of 800GMS, the cloth is especially suitable for absorbing large amounts of water and drying large surfaces.

Quality workmanship and fine hem

Thanks to the high-quality design, the towel will last you a long time without loosening the fibers. The fine hem holds the towel together, prevents the fibers from fraying and transitions smoothly into a practical loop, behind which the towel can be hung on a hook.


Double-sided cloth


The fibers on each side of the towel have a different length. Longer fluffy fibers are suitable, for example, for removing insects, bird droppings and other dirt, where we want to prevent the subsequent smearing of dirt on the paintwork. The long fibers of the cloth absorb these impurities. Short fibers are suitable, for example, for polishing or cleaning plastics.


Universal and reusable cloth

You will appreciate the microfiber cloth not only when cleaning the interiors and exteriors of vehicles. Its abilities can also be used when cleaning the household and wherever something needs to be cleaned or polished.

Another advantageous feature of the towel is the possibility of repeated washing.

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    M-Style Supreme mikrovláknová utěrka 800GMS 40*30cm

    • practical towel with versatile use
    • smooth microfiber cloth without structure - the fine fibers of the cloth are gentle on the cleaned surface
    • double-sided design - long fibers on one side and short fibers on the other
    • made of a modern generation of microfibers 80% polyester and 20% polyamide
    • high density of GMS800 fibers - absorbs and absorbs water very well
    • perfectly removes dust and other impurities
    • high-quality processing with a hem guarantees long-term durability
    • the cloth is washable and reusable
    • suitable for cleaning and cleaning motor vehicles, in the home, in the workshop, etc.
    • size: 40x30cm
    • color: gray / yellow
    • price for 1 piece
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  • Delivery Status: Depens on courier (Immediately at the store in Prague)
  • 10.80 €
  • 4.10 €
  • Ex Tax: 3.41 €
Brand: M-Style, Product Code: MS-036905, Warranty: 24 moths

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