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M-Style distributor s.r.o., Company ID 29276713, Tax ID No. CZ29276713, registered office at Brno, Spojovaci 182/11 Praha 9 - Vysocany 190 00, registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Brno, Brno sp. Section C and Insert 70257 (hereinafter referred to as "M-Style") shall be organized from 4:00 pm on 28th December 2018 to appeal (hereinafter referred to as "the Event"). a marketing campaign called "New years sales" ("Campaign"), and sets out the Campaign Rules and Conditions available at
Within the M-Style Campaign, M-Style offers selected goods at the best prices on the market that the customer can buy but are not legally entitled to, and these terms are not a binding offer or a public offer to conclude a contract.
The current assortment of goods offered under the Campaign is available at
M-Style in Kampani uses the term "availability" which determines which goods are in the Campaign and when it becomes available, ie when the customer can order it at the price specified in the Campaign, and the customer acknowledges that M-Style has only the specified number of items of goods in the warehouse and that the customer can only receive one (1) piece of particular preferential merchandise in Campaign, the decisive being to confirm the order of the goods in question until M-Style has the goods in stock.
M-Style notes that discounts in the Campaign are calculated from the prices of the goods that are not recommended by the distributor or the manufacturer they consider to be common.
When ordering goods offered in the Campaign, you must follow the M-Style Terms and Conditions and these Campaign Terms.
Campaign merchandise can be purchased at the earliest when the time is deducted before the item is sold.
Providing discounts, resp. goods in Campaign at a discounted price is conditional on the proper completion of the order, not simply by inserting into the basket, and by proper payment of the order, while no other price advantages or discounts that M-Style can provide can be used within the Campaign.
The Customer acknowledges that if the ordering of the goods offered in Kampani does not finish within ten (10) minutes of placing the goods in the basket, then the order is automatically canceled.

M-Style does not assume any responsibility for speed or data transmission over the Internet.
M-Style declares that it is not responsible for errors caused by the transmission of electronic messages.
M-Style reserves the right to change the terms of the Campaign and eventually cancel the Campaign.
The participant is not entitled to reimbursement of the costs associated with participating in the Campaign.
These Campaign Rules come into effect on the day they are announced.

You can not use discount coupons for items that are already in the discount. Discounts can not be added.
Purchased gift vouchers can be applied to all items in the eshop.
The gift voucher is intended for payment of purchase at It is provided with a unique code designed just for payment in our online store. Just put the code into the dedicated box in your cart - a gift voucher. The value of the voucher is automatically deducted from the total price of the order and the voucher owner pays only the residual value of the order. The voucher must be used at once, the lover price cannot be refunded.

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